About Joyson
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About Joyson

Ningbo Joyson Electronic Corp. (“Joyson Electronics”) is one of the best component suppliers for the world's leading automobile manufacturers. It is committed to the R&D and manufacture of intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving, E-Mobility and automotive safety, etc. Its headquarter is located in Ningbo, China, which owns the Intelligent Automotive Research Institute, the New Energy Research Institute, the Automotive Electronics Division and the Automotive Safety Division, etc.


Founded in 2004, Joyson Electronics' main products used to be automotive functional components. Since 2011, Joyson has acquired several companies: PREH GmbH, IMA GmbH, QUIN GmbH, and Key Safety Systems, TechniSat Automotive, and Takata assets. Through enterprise innovation, product upgrade and multiple international mergers and acquisitions, the company has transformed into a global market leader.


Through leading innovative design, stable manufacturing, quality management and excellent service, Joyson Electronics become a long-term partner of global automotive manufacturers as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, General Motors and Ford. Joyson Electronics is also awarded constantly by Porsche, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, and General Motors, etc. 


Joyson Electronics was established in 2004


Joyson employs more than 40,000 staffs


Automotive Electronics Division, Automotive Safety Division

research institutes

Intelligent Automotive Research Institute, New Energy Research Institute

Vision & Mission

We hope to be the reliable partner of global excellent automobile manufacturers and accelerate the revolution in driving behavior in the segmented market as the innovator and leader of automobile intelligent technology. 


With China, Germany, Japan and USA as the centers, we are intended to provide automobile parts and services of technical innovation, excellent quality, reasonable price and, value for money for excellent automobile manufacturers.


Encourage global professional technical team to learn about the demands of the customers and keep constant upgrading of customer value via constant innovation ability as well as work enthusiasm and become a preferred partner of the customers.


Excellent performance provides a wide space and platform for the employees to develop. Professional work environment improved constantly, tolerant work atmosphere and study-based development organization make the Company the best employer for employees.


An electronic enterprise approved by the customers with the greatest development potential, creating return and profit for shareholders and all partners. 


Integrity: providing excellent products and services for the customers in compliance with laws and business practices; being honest to all shareholders, employees and the Company.


Employee encouragement: encouragement and reward should be given to employees for their innovation, good performance, motivation and study in business, courage to take risks and responsibilities and legal compliance.


Emphasis on outstanding achievements: taking responsibility for work results and meeting requirements of the customers; paying attention to work efficiency and comprehensive quality.


Support for change: actively facing to the reform, actively innovating, constantly improving working procedures and methods, advocating self-learning for self-improvement and striving for better performance.


High performance team: focusing on team target and the overall benefits, pursuing dedication, supporting each other, sticking to disciplines, emphasizing working methods and procedures and trusting in others.


Diversity and inclusion: respecting diversified cultural backgrounds and faiths of employees of Joyson Electronics from across the world, advocating tolerant and harmonious work atmosphere and creating an atmosphere fit for work and life of global employees.

2004 - 2008
Start-up years

In 2004, Joyson Electronics founded. Right from the beginning, the firm adopted the concept of synchronous design with the automotive OEMs, with products ranging from the engine air intake systems, air vents and so on. By 2006, the company began to supply to Volkswagen, General Motors and Ford.

2008 - 2010
Tier 1 Supplier

In 2008, Joyson Electronics was promoted to become the A-class supplier of Volkswagen, and became the global supplier of GM at the same time. Through continuous innovation and development, the company has emerged in the domestic automotive components market and gradually established a leading position in the market segment. In 2010, Joyson Electronics and Preh GmbH established a joint firm in Ningbo China, focusing more on automotive electronics business.

2010 - 2016
Listed and Globalization

In 2011, Joyson Electronics was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and became an international automotive electronics company with independent intellectual property rights growing in China, with the code as 600699. The perfect combination of industry and capital boosted Joyson to develop faster in the area of automotive intelligence and E-Mobility.


In 2011, Joyson Electronics successfully acquired Preh GmbH, and was selected as one of the Top10 mergers and acquisitions in China of the year. Since then, Joyson has established factories or R&D centers in Ningbo, Shanghai, Changchun, Chengdu and other places in China, and expanded its overseas layout to Germany, the United States, Portugal, Romania, Mexico and other countries. And this has lay the foundation for the global development of Joyson. Meanwhile, Joyson Electronics acquired IMA and QUIN.

2016- 2020
Acquisitions and Integration

In 2016, Joyson acquired Key Safety Systems and TechniSat Automotive, and established an intelligent car connected company. In 2018, Joyson acquired high-quality assets from Takata, and integrated it with KSS to become a new Joyson Safety Systems, accounting for about 30% of the global automotive passive safety market. In 2019, Joyson established the Automotive Connectivity BU. After global integration and optimization, the layout of Joyson in the field of automotive safety and intelligent driving has been further improved. 

2020 -
New journey

In 2021, Joyson Electronics set up the Intelligent Automotive Research Institute and New Energy Research Institute to empower development with R&D in forward-looking areas. In the same year, the Automotive Safety BU led into strategic investors and obtained more comprehensive support in terms of policies, industries, resources and funds. At present, Joyson has formed a better situation in which businesses such as intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving, E-Mobility and automotive safety systems, and set foot on a new journey of development. 

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