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State Grid Ningbo Power Supply Company Communicated with Joyson

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August 21st, Ningbo, China News After a week-long business sharing and exchange in Joyson Group, the young cadre training delegation of State Grid Ningbo Power Supply Company held a summary symposium on the afternoon of the 21st. Wang Jihua, deputy general manager of State Grid Ningbo Power Supply Company, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Joyson Group President Zhu Xuesong attended the discussion.

Wang Jihua expressed his gratitude to Joyson Group for providing this training, and hoped that the young cadres who participated in the training could have a deeper understanding of Joyson's business development, technological and management innovation, corporate culture and other aspects through this exchange, and wished Joyson The existing cooperation between the Group and State Grid Ningbo Power Supply Company in the field of new energy vehicles can open a new chapter and create new brilliance together. At the symposium, relevant persons in charge of Joyson Electronics and members of the delegation exchanged views on corporate values, talent training, performance appraisal, transformation of R&D results, digital transformation and business development direction.

It is understood that during the training and exchange, the relevant business leaders and teams of Joyson Group discussed lean production, Industry 4.0, corporate culture construction and talent training, sales and market expansion, the latest development and trends of automotive electronics, and the development trend of Internet of Vehicles and enterprises. Digital transformation and other topics were shared with visiting young cadres of State Grid Ningbo Power Supply Company.

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