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Guests from Hithink Flush Information Network Visit Joyson

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On March 20th, the "Entering a Listed Company" activity organized by the Flush community was successfully held in the headquarters park of Ningbo Joyson Electronics Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Joseon Electronics").

Xiang Ying, Head of Investor Relations of Joyson Electronics, He Yi, Human Resources Director, Wu Chunfeng, Director of Product and Strategy of Subsidiaries and other company personnel warmly received more than 20 big V and individual investors from all over the country.

After the face-to-face communication, Huang Haifeng, director of the No. 1 factory in Purui China, led the guests to visit the company's smart factory. Through the professional explanation of the director of Huang Haifeng and the zero-distance contact with the site, everyone has a more comprehensive understanding of the company's current scientific research innovation, production and manufacturing.

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