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Joyson was Awarded the Advanced Organization for High-quality Development of Digital Economy in Zhejiang Province

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(2022.07.13, Hangzhou, China)  The Zhejiang Provincial Digital Economy High-Quality Development Conference was held in Hangzhou on July 13. 

Joyson won the top 100 national software for three consecutive years and the national top 100 electronic information for three consecutive years, and was commended by the conference. Joyson Preh's Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Automotive Electronics Intelligence was selected as the "Provincial Key Laboratory in the Field of Digital Economy" and was awarded at the same time.

As a high-quality development leader in Zhejiang Province, Joyson focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of intelligent cockpits, intelligent driving, new energy management and automotive safety systems, leading the high-quality development of automotive technology towards electrification, intelligence and networking.

In the past five years, Joyson has adhered to the innovation of automobile technology and industrial upgrading as an important starting point for the high-quality development of the digital economy.

Innovation and upgrading and international mergers and acquisitions, seeking new breakthroughs around the innovation of the main business, and blazing a trail of high-quality development with Joyson characteristics.

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