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Joyson Electronics launches "Safety Production Month" Activity


Joyson Electronics is carrying out a series of activities of "Safety Production Month". In addition to leading the high-quality development of auto parts in technology and the market, the company always pays attention to enterprise safety production, strengthens risk management and control, and creates an enterprise safety culture of "prevention is better than control and prevention", forming a unified enterprise deployment, departmental performance of duties, and active employees. Good situation for participation. As the employees in the slogan call for "one minute on duty, sixty seconds for safety", although the series of activities is about to end, the alarm bell for safety production is ringing.

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Since June, Joyson-Preh has successively held a series of activities such as the collection of safety production slogans, safety knowledge contests, training of ambulancemen, and emergency drills for chemical and hazardous waste leakage. Joyson-Preh's safety system in operation is ISO 45001 and a three-level standardization system for safety production. Under the management of the company's production safety person in charge and more than 40 full-time and part-time EHS personnel at the factory, department and workshop levels, it has passed PDCA The model operates effectively, including the stages of planning, implementation, inspection, and action.

In this year's event, Joyson Electronics further enriched the content of offline training and drills. In the training of ambulancemen, the company invited experts from Ningbo Red Cross Society to come to the company for on-site first aid knowledge and first aid operation training. The emergency drill mainly includes the operation of fire extinguishers, as well as emergency drills for chemical and hazardous waste leakage. A total of more than 200 employees from the Ningbo factory participated in the fire fighting. It is particularly critical that in addition to regular inspections of potential safety hazards, the company will also carry out daily production specifications and surprise inspections in key areas before the arrival of the dog days of high temperatures.

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